Customer Reviews for Elite Spinal Physiotherapy

I can highly recommend Elite. The clinic is conveniently located just around the corner from buses, trains and parking and has just undergone a complete refurbishment and expansion. The clinic founders and directors work in the business hands-on. They have a team of friendly, professional, experienced, qualified, discrete and caring therapists who tailor programs to your own capabilities with a goal of improving your daily life through strengthening. The small classes (or private one-on-one if you prefer) are enjoyable and my day-to-day mobility has improved considerably. Pilates is amazing. Thanks everyone at Elite!
Branto G.
8 February 2019
I used to be a physio sceptic after seeing several for a chronic hip conditions. But James at Elite Spinal is a complete legend and with a different approach has really helped to improve things for me. Everyone here is really friendly too.
Sophie H.
23 January 2019
I was ready to give up on physiotherapy when I was referred to Elite Spinal. I have mobility issues from numerous injuries and surgeries. Due to these problems I was also gaining weight. I told my wife that I would give Elite Spinal 6 weeks before I could quit. So I gave Elite Spinal the best effort that I could.

Ten months later I walk better, I am a lot stronger and I have lost nearly 18kgs since coming here.

I would highly recommend Elite Spinal. One of the major attractions is one on one care. Another huge bonus is that there are zero placebo machines that take up time and money.
Aaron R.
17 December 2018
Heather and the rest of the team are fantastic! I’ve been to other physios and have been thoroughly disappointed but the Elite girls are all professional and welcoming. Recommending them to everyone!!
Bek Maxton
11 October 2018
Highly recommend, great team of physio’s who have helped me with my back pain. Thank you Elite Spinal Physio and Pilates.
Paul Dwyer
3 October 2018
The clinic is an exceptional physiotherapy facility that provides top-tier care and service to clients combined with outstanding knowledge and understanding of the body and the way it works. The addition of clinical pilates in the clinic is a delight and all of the physio’s are incredibly well-trained providing supreme insight and professionalism across the board. To top it off, they also happen to be the most friendly, warm and welcoming group of professional women I’ve come across. 5 stars all round, you’ll be in wonderful hands here at Elite Spinal!
Alexandra Cook
1 October 2018
The most wonderful team of physio’s. The level of care I have received in my rehab, has been second to none. I would recommend Elite to anyone who is recovering from a spinal surgery.
Claire De Luca
30 September 2018
I have been SO impressed with the team at elite spinal. I cant recommend them more highly! The reception staff are always friendly and helpful and the treatment I have received (both one on one physio and group pilates) has significantly helped me regain my strength and eliminate any back pain following back surgery last year.
Dana Winik
29 September 2018
Have been coming for regular sessions here since my back surgery in 2016. The service is excellent. The team has tailored a rehabilitation plan specificay to suit my goals. My improvement has exceeded all expectations due to their care and commitment. With a combination of Physio, Pilates, massage and acupuncture depending on my pain level and ability, allowed for increased flexibility to continue improvement. I would recommend the girls here to anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort or just wants to improve fitness. Im fitter now 12 months after back surgery that i have been in my whole life and that is thanks to Elite Spinal Physio and Pilates.
Stephanie Horswood
19 September 2018
Great location and amazing treatments. All the team I have spoken to have always been super helpful. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my physio. 5*
Samantha Barber
27 August 2018
Charmaine is amazing at what she does! She has provided an effective and concise intervention for my back pain, and I’m really happy with the progress I’m making 🙂
Blake Olivo
15 August 2018
I was recommended to Elite spinal after 3 pain injections by my Sports doctor to receive treatment for a chronic back issue. I worked with Elisha one on one for over 6 months and my back and core improved dramatically!! Elisha was amazing and also coordinated with my personal trainer on the best exercise and treatment. Her wholistic approach -health, pain and well being of the individual is key to the success here. I now do group pilates x2 a week and have worked with everyone- Brigette, Heather, Charmaine, Lauren and James all who are professional caring and best of all fun!!!I I owe my physical and mental well being to the team here at Elite and their collective skills and can’t recommend them highly enough!!
Thomas Corne
13 August 2018
I have known the the main practice physios for some years and thoroughly recommend them for their knowledge and skills. I’m glad to see that the team they have built around them since opening in Bondi J are equally capable and have slotted in with the overall ethos of providing high quality health care with compassion, humour and a smile.
George Georgiou
29 July 2018
I am visiting the clinic since about six months and thanks to Charmaine and Lauren i have made significant progress with my back training and core strength – they are awesome instructors! The whole team is friendly and knowledgeable and the facilities are always clean. Highly recommended!
Claudio Holzer
10 July 2018
I’ve had lots of various treatments in the past from chiro to acupuncture and can safely say these guys offer an outstanding service. The treatments they recommend are genuinely designed to help the patient rather than their pockets.
Aidan Sheerin
22 June 2018
Fantastic clinic located in convenient Bondi Junction. I have had a number of treatments for back pain for the girls and all are exceptionally talented and professional. I have left feeling the difference instantly and my back has never felt so great. Highly recommended for those with any type of back pain or problem.
Matt Lillas
12 June 2018
I had a spinal fusion just under a year ago and the treatment I have received from the physios at Elite has been invaluable in my recovery. I have seen both Heather and Charmaine at Elite, and both were extremely professional and capable. Their treatment not only left me feeling immediate relief from post-op niggles and pain, but also enabled me to rehabilitate enough to run my first half-marathon last month! I would recommend Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates to anyone suffering from back pain or looking for guidance in their rehabilitation.
Georgia Holloway
9 June 2018
The most wonderful team of physio’s. The level of care i have received in my rehab, has been second to none. I would recommend Elite to anyone who is recovering from a spinal surgery.
Claire De Luca
30 September 2018
I have had chronic pain behind my right shoulder blade for some years with no relief. I have been receiving treatment from Charmaine for the past few weeks and have noticed a considerable difference. Firstly her professionalism is notable making me feel comfortable and confident that I am in good hands.

Her knowledge of the human anatomy and biomechanics is evident as she explains in detail her diagnosis. She was able to pin point the tight and overactive muscles, provide appropriate therapy and the specific exercises to combat my problems.

These muscular imbalance problems are always a work in progress. I trust if I stick with my prescribed exercises the issue will alleviate with time.
Body Corporate Wellness
13 May 2018
Elite Spinal Physio helped me gain the strength I needed and work through an injury in 1 month to then achieve a goal of 1000kms Charity bike ride in 7 days. I had the confidence I could do it and have had no pain since seeing her.
Ange Ritchie
7 May 2018
My neurosurgeon referred me to Elite Spinal for physio after back surgery at the end of last year. Cibele is excellent – really friendly, thorough and encouraging. Each session is really personalized to suit my needs, and I can really see the results. 3 months in, I am much stronger and much more confident than I was when I started, and I am still learning new things in each and every session. All of the staff at Elite are so lovely and friendly – I highly recommend them!
Alex Taylor
27 April 2018
I have been very impressed with my experience at Elite Spine. The atmosphere, the friendly and knowledgable staff, and the experienced care, have all exceeded my expectations. I am recovering from neck surgery and the path is longer than I had hoped, but with the help of Lauren and Heather (2 of Elite Spine’s physios) I have seen lots of improvement and feel confident I am in good hands.

I highly recommend Elite Spine.
Heather Crandall
17 April 2018
Welcoming and friendly staff, good location and the treatment worked great for my neck pain and headaches. thanks!
Christopher T
2 April 2018
From the warm greeting you receive from Lisa when you walk through the door to getting professional hands on treatment by the lovely ladies – Elite Physio has helped me out with both chronic and acute pain issues.

Knowledgeable and welcoming, Elisha has allowed me to remain working and encouraged me to try Pilates as a form of pain relief. I think I’ve been to each Physiotherapist and they have all been effective in managing my pain issues. Highly recommend Elite Physio.
Cheri Kelcher
21 March 2018
I had a cervical disc issue for 5 months, C5,C6,C7. Tingling down my left arm to fingers and back pain. I’m highly active and sporty. I couldn’t do any of my regurlar activities, the issue really had me down in a big way. Went to several Chiropractors, Physio and Doctors. I was told I would probably need to operate. I found Elite spinal on the internet and noted that Cibele was experienced with Cervical spine. Within 4 of 1 hour sessions and strictly carrying out exercises Cibelle gave me at home, my problem was solved. I can’t explain how happy I am with the professional and comprehensive service delivered by Cibele and Elite Spinal. Cibele, you delivered… Thank You. You are a legend!!
Jason Duncan
19 March 2018
These guys are fantastic. The clinic is lovely and welcoming, the girls really know their stuff and they have been wonderful accommodating me and my bub. The pilates was excellent and the girls really tailored things to my needs. Thank you!
Ali Shields
18 January 2018
The team at Elite Spinal are fantastic. They go above and beyond to ensure that their patients receive the best possible outcome, and have such a positive and proactive approach to health. Over the past nine years I’ve seen countless physio’s whilst trying to get help with a chronic pain problem, and within only weeks at Elite Spinal I was back walking and building up my strength. Elisha and the other physio’s are so easy to get along with, as is the lovely receptionist Lisa and of course Elite Spinal baby Elsie. The girls are truly lovely and I always look forward to my appointments, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!
Eleanor Naughton
04 December 2017
I highly recommend the team at Elite Spinal Physio. I injured my back in autumn 2016 that required back surgery. My Neurologist from St Vincents recommended Hannah from Elite Spinal to look after my rehabilitation. Hannah and the Girls at this practice have been truly amazing with my rehab. Truly a 5 star practice.
Noel Farrell
30 November 2017
I have regular appointments at Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates as I feel it keeps me in great shape and feeling strong to be able to ride race horses. I also like that the girls are great at being able to assist with any niggling injuries I might. The whole team is so friendly and happy to help. I certainly recommend them.
Blake Spriggs
21 September 2017
I cannot recommend the team at Elite Spinal enough especially Brigitte who has fixed me! I had a baby over 7 months ago and suffered with severe lower back pain. I was unable to sit properly for 10 weeks and felt extreme pain especially after sitting on hard surfaces. After 4 weeks of treatment (one weekly session) my back feels like it was pre baby. I feel really lucky to have found these guys. Also I have joined the mums and bubs pilates session. Combined with my weekly physio session, I am feeling like my old self again. Thank you Elite Spinal.
Jane Waters
20 September 2017
After having back pain for several years and seeing experts with no relief or answers I booked in to see Hannah Alchin at Bondi Junction Elite Spinal Physiotherapy. I am happy to say the pain has alleviated under her professional therapy every few weeks, guidance and exercise prescription. Not only are the therapists highly professional and easy to get along with but the girls at the reception are always lovely and a pleasure to deal with too. I would recommend Elite Spinal Physio and Pilates to anyone suffering musculoskeletal issues time and time again.
Aaron Bik
19 September 2017
Professional and well equipped studio, with qualified and approachable therapists and instructors. After an ACL (knee reconstruction) operation, I was referred to Elite for my rehab, where I focused on rehab Pilates twice a week. Highly recommended for anyone returning from an injury.
Kate Russell
19 September 2017
Elite Spinal have transformed my body. After suffering with lower lumber (back) issues for 9 years, their combination of physiotherapy treatment and pilates prevention with long-term goals set for my ongoing health has been a godsend.
Kate Muldowney
6 September 2017
I highly recommend the team at Elite. I have long suffered from back pain and have tried many different treatments over the years. The pain I had was chronic and after a few weeks of treatment with Elisha my back was the best it had been in over 10 years. I have sent many friends and family to see Elite for neck and back issues. I now regularly attend Pilates in a small group with Elite and this helps to keep my back and core in good health. I was lucky enough to find them through Google and am very pleased that I did.
Jason Malone
3 September 2017
I highly recommend Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates. The Clinic is conveniently located, clean and staff are friendly and welcoming. Brigitte and Elisha, physiotherapists, are experienced experts. After just two treatments and a tailored exercise plan, my back pain was a distant memory.
THANK YOU Elite Spinal Physiotherapy!
Amy Lillas
2 September 2017
Cannot recommend this dynamic practise highly enough. From being greeted by the gregarious Practice Manager, to being treated by one of the Physios or doing a Pilates class, I feel I am valued & cared for.
Sally Windsor
22 August 2017
I have been doing Pilates at Elite Spinal Physiotherapy & Pilates for over three years now and it has changed my life! I went from having frequent and debilitating back injuries to now feeling strong and fit. On the very rare occasion that I do require a back treatment, the physios at Elite Spinal really know their stuff.
Both Brigitte and Elisha are great at what they do and really care about their clients. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Britt Erken
23 July 2017
5 stars from me! Friendly staff, great treatment, nice environment and amazing views!!
Chris Truman
19 July 2017
Can’t recommend Elite Spinal Physio enough! Brigitte and team are incredibly knowledgable and have done wonders for my back.
Danika Gee
16 July 2017
Highly recommend all the girls at Elite Spinal – fantastic physiotherapy treatments, and great pilates classes for recovery!
Belinda Bullivant
6 June 2017
I booked in to see Elisha for my back pain and I am happy to say that it is gone. I tried various physios and various treatment modalities for my back pain for years but after a few treatments with Elisha, my pain was gone. Definitely recommend Elite Spinal Physiotherapy!
Inga Kilby
23 May 2017
Great service and very professional and friendly staff!
Julia Emanuilowna
3 May 2017
Life savers. They have guided me through a difficult time with my lower back with their expertise, professionalism and good humour. Clinical Pilates is my saviour.
Michael Prideaux
30 April 2017
I do pilates at Elite and it’s amazing. I had no idea what I was doing at first, but after about 10 sessions I now have a better understanding of the way my body works. I feel great. Thanks Ladies.
Kate Broad
16 April 2017
Can’t recommend enough. Excellent physio team and tailored Pilates programme which stopped my headaches
Tina Wanstall
14 February 2017
The most wonderful team of physio’s. The level of care i have received in my rehab, has been second to none. I would recommend Elite to anyone who is recovering from a spinal surgery.
Claire De Luca
30 September 2018
Outstanding service. Great Physios. Would highly recommend.
Ellen Smith
28 November 2016
Professional and well equipped studio, with qualified and approachable therapists and instructors. After an ACL (knee reconstruction) operation, I was referred to Elite for my rehab, where I focused on rehab Pilates twice a week. Highly recommended for anyone returning from an injury.
Kate Russell
6 October 2016
I am a physiotherapist myself, working within a rehabilitation unit at a hospital. Being in the field, it was so important for me to find a therapist with the specific knowledge and skill set to treat my chronic headaches. The girls at Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates provided me with just that! They found the source of the problem straight away and with their extensive experience in manual therapies I knew I was in safe hands! Thank you so much Elisha and Brigitte – I’ll certainly be recommending you to my friends/ family/ patients in the future!
Terri Spiel
30 September 2016
5 star service from the best physios I’ve ever met. .. personalised service with elite solutions got me back up and running the day i saw them. Highly recommended
Alan Podmore
8 August 2016
For anyone with a back problem, I can’t recommend Brigette and Elisha enough. I was amazed at the results after a few months of treatment and a personalised exercise program. Their expertise helped me transform a very painful, stiff back to a flexible and stronger back more than I had ever imagined. I very much appreciated their care, knowledge and positive attitude. Thank you so much and best wishes!
Caterina Mastroianni
29 June 2015
I highly recommend Elisha from Elite Spinal Physio and Pilates. Elisha put together a personalised pre-natal exercise program for me to assist with pelvic floor strengthening and also to help with my sciatic back pain associated with pregnancy. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Alysia Cox
30 September 2018
Best in the business. Highly recommended. No more back pain.
Kathryn Wilson
28 May 2015
I suffer from scoliosis and have been to many physiotherapists and osteopaths. But after being treated by Elisha from Elite Spinal Physiotherapy I have found everyone else is a waste of time and money. She really understands my condition and I get so much relief from a single treatment. I definitely recommend them to anyone who suffers any kind of back pain.
Daniel Wootton
27 May 2015
Amazing! Very knowledgable clinical Pilates teachers, highly recommend if you have back pain!
Charlotte Conlon
27 May 2015
I had major back issue before I went and seen these girls at elite spinal Now Im back to my amazing self and doing Pilates I can’t believe it Thanks elite spinal
Isaac Chay
30 April 2015

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