Corporate Services

Elite Spinal Physiotherapy is a boutique back pain treatment clinic

Spinal related pain is the second most common reason for staff to take sick leave from work. Educating your staff about spinal health can help reduce the amount of time your staff are off work and keep your team happy and healthy.

Elite Spinal has worked with many corporations over the years. We provide the following services:
  • In house or online spinal health seminars
  • Ergonomic assessments of the work-place or home office
  • Online Physio consults
  • Online pilates sessions
  • In house Physiotherapy and Massage
  • In house pilates and or stretch sessions
Our in house seminars include:
  • General spine education
  • Posture advice
  • Safe lifting technique education
  • Spinal pain prevention exercise education
  • Headache prevention advice

We will provide everything required for the treatments:
  • Kneeling massage chair – does not take up much room
  • Treatment table if required
  • Massage lotion (if required)
  • Towels
  • Relaxing music
  • Designed for convenience in an office environment
  • Fully-clothed seated chair massage treating neck, shoulders and back, or table massage for full body relaxation
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Educating your staff about spinal health can help reduce the amount of time your staff are off work and keep your team happy and healthy.

Early and easy access to treatment

Research shows that early intervention in the acute phase of an injury can reduce the duration of the injury. Providing an easily accessible Physiotherapy service onsite will allow your staff to access our professional service quickly. By reducing the need for your staff to have to leave work to attend appointments allows for increased work productivity and reduced disruption to every day operations.

Prevention is better than cure

Our team of Elite Physiotherapists will not only provide hands on treatment, they will also teach your staff how to self manage their condition and provide them with a comprehensive exercise program using our phone app which will guide them through their tailored program and remind them to do their exercises.

Our spinal health seminars presented by our director, Elisha Renton will educate your whole team on how to prevent back pain.

Not your typical Physiotherapy Clinic

Modern Facilities

Hands-on approach

highest level of care

non-invasive treatment

commitment to recovery

trust & communication

We are spinal experts

Your back is made up of interconnecting bones, facet joints, ligaments and nerves which is responsible for supporting the upper body and providing strength and mobility. Most back pain is a result of an injury to these specific areas. Symptoms of back pain can range from mild to debilitating symptoms that can severely impact your day-to-day function. Depending on the primary cause, common symptoms can include;

Spinal related pain and headaches are the second biggest cause of absence from work. All of our therapists are experts in spinal and headache physiotherapy. We work with many of Australia’s leading Neurosurgeons, Sports Physicians and Pain Specialists. We are therefore, at the forefront of the latest research regarding back pain and other spinal related disorders.