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Elite Spinal Physiotherapy is a boutique spinal therapy and neck pain treatment clinic. We have a particular interest in neck pain physiotherapy, in particular the accurate diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of the spine and related disorders like the neck. Most Physiotherapists find treating neck pain a challenge, however, we have had a lot of practice here at Elite Spinal so you will be in the best hands. We provide a targeted, hands-on approach to the treatment of neck pain followed by providing a rehabilitation program aimed at restoring your body and spine to optimal function. All therapists have a strong exercise rehabilitation focus and believe that patient self-management strategies are integral to the prevention of ongoing neck pain related to spinal disorders.

Conditions We Treat

To effectively treat neck pain we must first determine what is causing the pain. Once we have thoroughly assessed you and determined what is causing the pain we can devise a treatment plan. Here at Elite Spinal Physiotherapy, we take a holistic approach involving a range of manual therapy techniques combined with a specific exercise program. Treating neck pain is one of the most challenging jobs for most Physios, we have had a lot of practice so you will get the best results here at Elite Spinal.

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Neck pain is such a common problem that 1 in 5 people currently suffer from it at any one time. In fact, over a person’s lifetime, their chances of experiencing neck pain is nearly 50%

Common Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck pain is one of the most commonly treated injuries by Elite Spinal Physiotherapists. From acute neck pain, headaches and pain radiating down from the neck to the arm, there are many structures that could be the leading cause of the pain. Growing neck pain symptoms is a concern and should be evaluated further by a expert physician. These symptoms often include;

  • Sharp neck pain
  • Tight muscles that restricts head movement
  • Pain that travels down the shoulders, arms and hands
  • Headaches or migraines

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by dysfunction in a range of different structures within the neck. The two most common structures that cause pain are the discs and the facet joints. Once these structures are affected they cause the surrounding muscles and ligaments to become tight, causing even more discomfort within the area.

Common causes of neck pain can also specifically relate to muscle or soft tissue sprains where the body has been exposed to unexpected forces, through sporting activities or even from instances where an awkward position is adopted for a prolonged period of time.

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