Online Spinal Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Access our expert Spinal Physiotherapists from the comfort of your own home.

Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates are the industry leaders in spinal pre and post-operative rehabilitation. Many surgeons from all around the country routinely refer to us to care for their patients post-operatively. The protocols we follow have been developed in conjunction with some of Australia’s top Neurosurgeons. We have different protocols for every type of surgery. These can be adjusted depending on the surgeons and patients requirements. 

We will guide you through both the pre and post-operative stages with the uttermost care using our mobile phone app. We will work closely with your surgeon to ensure the best possible outcome. We use the most up to date technology which allows us to be on a video chat with our client whilst also streaming exercises to the client.

What comes with the program:

Regular Telehealth sessions with your Physio

Access to our mobile phone app where you can stream your exercises and instructions

A report written by your Physio to your Surgeon about your progress

An online rehabilitation program based on our protocols and your goals

Videos about what to expect at each stage of rehab and the do’s and don’ts

Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation is very important. It can make a huge impact on how successful the surgery is and how quick you recover

How does it work?

  • You will be asked to fill out a form prior to the consultation
  • We will request your operation report and any other documents from your surgeon prior to your consult
  • The Physio will discuss the history of the issue and all of your current symptoms
  • Your Physio may ask you to perform specific movements in front of the camera on your computer or phone
  • The Physio will discuss your goals and plan of action
  • The Physio will prescribe an individualised exercise program and teach you how to perform the exercises by streaming videos of the exercises
  • This program will be prescribed based on our specific post-operative protocols and your personal goals
  • The Physio will then set you up on our free app so you can follow your rehab program and regularly review the exercise instruction videos
  • The app is able to track your progress and provide ongoing communication with your Physio
  • You and your Physio will schedule follow up sessions as often as needed
  • Your Physio will communicate with your Doctor and any other health professionals you specify

Completing post-operative rehabilitation is a vital part of getting you back to optimal condition. During the period that you are injured you lose strength and flexibility, rehab is designed to strengthen the areas that have become weak and get your body functioning the way it was pre-injury.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation Involves:

  • Post-operative advice
  • Tailored exercise rehab sessions in our clinical pilates studio involving:
    • Core strengthening 
    • Hip stability training 
    • Mobility training 
    • General whole body strengthening 
  • Tailored home exercise program using our mobile app which is just like having your Physiotherapist at home with you
  • Graded return to activities and or sport
  • Reassurance that you are doing the right amount of activity for your particular condition or surgery