Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

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Elite Spinal Physiotherapy is a boutique back pain treatment clinic

Elite Spinal Physiotherapy and Pilates are the industry leaders in spinal pre and post-operative rehabilitation. Many local surgeons routinely refer to us to care for their patients postoperatively, providing best-in-class treatment to help speed up your recovery. The protocols we follow have been developed in conjunction with some of Australia’s leading Neurosurgeons, giving you great confidence that you have the very best team on your side.

We will guide you through both the pre and post-operative stages with the utmost care. We will work closely with your surgeon to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved and the best treatment techniques are being used for your unique situation.

Pre and post-operative rehabilitation is very important and plays an integral role in your recovery. It can make a significant impact on how successful your surgery is and how quickly you recover and are back doing the things your love to do.

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Patients who are physically and psychologically prepared for surgery before and after, tend to have better surgical outcomes and recover faster.

Why is Pre Operative Rehabilitation Important?

To achieve a speedy recovery and an optimal result following surgery, it is imperative that you are as strong as possible before the surgery. The exercise program that you complete before the surgery is commonly known as ‘prehab’ and involves strengthening the specific areas that are going to support you following the surgery.

Pre Operative Rehabilitation Involves:
  • Strengthening muscles around the area that is to be operated on
  • Building muscles so there is less wasting after the rest period following surgery
  • Allowing you to exercise in a safe environment leading up to surgery
  • Educating you about what to expect post operatively

Why is Post Operative Rehabilitation Important?

Completing post operative rehabilitation is a vital part of getting you back to optimal condition. During the period that you are injured you lose strength and flexibility, rehab is designed to strengthen the areas that have become weak and get your body functioning the way it was pre injury.

Post Operative Rehabilitation Involves:
  • Post operative advice
  • Tailored exercise rehab sessions in our clinical pilates studio involving:Core strengthening
    • Hip stability training
    • Mobility training
    • General whole body strengthening
  • Tailored home exercise program using our mobile app which is just like having your Physiotherapist at home with you
  • Graded return to activities and or sport
  • Reassurance that you are doing the right amount of activity for your particular condition or surgery

What happens in the sessions:

  • When you book in we will contact your surgeon for an operation report and or medical reports to ensure we have all the details of your surgery.
  • In your first session we will assess where you are at and come up with a plan to get you back to optimal health and fitness
  • Your first few sessions will be one-on-one sessions with your Physiotherapist and will involve some exercise and some soft tissue therapy if it is needed
  • When you are ready you will have the option to join semi-private (max 4 participants) group exercise classes to continue your rehabilitation

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