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Thoracic/Upper Back Pain

Thoracic/Upper Back Pain

Thoracic and upper back pain refers to any pain and/or dysfunction of the thoracic section of the spine. It can be anything from stiffness in the upper back to pain when taking a deep breath.

What is the Cause?

The thoracic part of the spine is structurally very different to the lumbar and cervical parts of the spine. It is designed to be very stable and strong providing protection for the vital organs. . The fact that the ribs also connect into the thoracic spine provides more rigidity. This predisposes the thoracic spine to stiffness. Therefore the most common cause of upper back pain is joint dysfunction.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Upper back pain while breathing
  • Muscle spasm
  • Stabbing pain
  • Pain radiating out to the ribs
  • Pain in the shoulders

What Can We Do About It?

Posture plays a huge part in decreasing pain in the upper back. The Physiotherapist’s at Elite Spinal will assess your posture and advise you in how to make the appropriate changes.

The therapist will also use manual therapy techniques to decrease the stiffness through out the thoracic spine and ensure it is appropriately aligned.